Ekholms Prob Hoof Balm

kr 233kr 379

PROB Hoof Balm repairs and prevents unnecessary head injury and keeps the hoof moisture balance and elasticity in good condition.

Gives a nice shine on the hooves.

Brush the whole hoof, preferably once a day or every other dag to avoid dehydration that often leads to cracks and can cause serious hoof problems. If the hoofs have the ability to maintain good moisture balance and elasticity, you can almost avoid future problems.

When the farrier is visit brush the hooves directly. Under shoe, under the hoof. With this action you can protect from  a lot of hoofproblems.

PROB Hoof Balm Provides quick results. Non-toxic and gentle to the horse. If problem with the frog combine with PROB trushkit ointment stick, for best results.

Contains Tar, beeswax, various oils. propolis




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